About me

I’m the Kendall this blog is brought to you by! So where do I begin, I’m 22 years old (Aquarius) and I’ve been married to my wife for nearly 3 years. Due to her being military we have gone from living on the east coast to now residing in my dream state,  lovely Seattle, Washington. Why is it my dream place to live because I’m a fan of the gloomiest weather, the coldest wind chills, and the rain making the ground so wet every light in the city reflects off of it. My hobbies include reading, hiking,  keeping up with the latest fashions, and free lance modeling. I should also mention I have committed myself to coffee and I’m a major foodie! I have two cats, Jasper & Ozwald and I have two dogs Penny and Scout. I hope this blog turns out to be everything I wish it to be. I also hope I’m cool enough to gather a rad crowd and make some rad friends through this.

With good vibes,

Kendall Rae

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