What’s your Spring Style like? 

Spring is officially upon us, sorta! Remember, I live in Seattle where it’s a high of 50 degree and a nice sky dropping rain on us. I’m not complaining though because if you recall, I said I love this weather. Anyways, what’s your favorite spring fashion trend right now, or go-to Spring style? Seriously comment below and tell me because I do want to know!

For me, I have two styles that are year round no matter what the season or the weather- Street Style and Boho Chic. Their very different right, I know! My street style is my 24/7 look and my boho style is my… “fancy shmancy” look because at time it requires me to wear a dress. Let me clarify that you will probably NEVER see me in a dress other than about 2-3 times a year lol. I’m not the biggest fan of them but just as fashion trends changes, so does my taste in style. Maybe I’ll grow to tolerate them… maybe 😉

So this look, was for a Bohemian inspired photo shoot. 

I am in a dress, yes, and this super awesome shabby chic knitted cover top that is light weight. Okay so let me give you the 411 on this knitted top, it was the bomb dot com.

This top can be thrown over anything at all, even a bathing suit. It is seriously so good for every season, except maybe winter depending on how cold you get. I know a lot of people don’t like white because it gets dirty easily, but what are you 3? Control yourself man, wear the dang white!!! Now getting to the dress underneath that’s barely visbale, it’s just a super flowy mid-length dress, with straps. Nothing special lol, I was all about the top and the hat. I guess you can say I was all about the accessories 🤗. So where’d I get these pieces from for this outfit? At my favorite place on this entire planet, let’s give a loud and rad shout out to TARGET!!!!! The place I go to for tooth paste and come out $150 short with new bedroom interior, a cat toy, some wine, and no tooth paste 😝. That’s basically the story of my life right there guys. But yes, I got the hat, the knit top, the dress, the sandals and the necklace ALL AT TARGET! So I fiddled around and tap either one of the pics on this post and it’ll lead you to the site, so you too can look boho as fuck!

With good vibes, Ken 


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